Jul 16, 2015

Wine Bottle to Glasses Class

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I went to a class at 5 in 1 Social Club. It's a local business here in Memphis that sells artisans goods but also gives glasses several times a week. They say they are like "kindergarten for grown ups." Sign me up, please! For my mom's birthday I bought her and I seats at a recent Wine Bottle Glass class.

We prepped ahead of time by taking the labels off our bottles. Some people didn't do this step and they wasted valuable cutting and sanding time.

The first step was to use this bad boy to cut a line on our bottles. The black thing at the bottom left was a cutter. We twisted the bottle around so that there was a line all the way around our bottles.

See the lines?

The next step was to alternate pouring hot and cold water on the line. We did this over a bucket and it requires two people. Hence no pictures of this step.

And then you sand. For a while. Probably about 20 minutes a glass.

It wasn't difficult, but it was more intensive than I thought it was going to be.  We both really enjoyed the class and the experience. I'm pretty proud of my two wine bottle glasses I came home with.

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