Jul 27, 2015

Monday Garden Update

It was a not so terribly hot morning so I went out to snap a few photos this morning. 

It's currently a waiting game for tomatoes and peppers to ripen up. 

There are a ton of green cherry tomatoes on these. Ripen already!!!

Roma's I can't wait to make into sauce. 

Delicata squash blossom. 

The beans in the back bed a pretty sad. 

We have had a few harvests, though, this week! 

We've had two servings of edamame like above. Not much, but a nice little appetizer while we fix dinner.

And some potatoes! These are from the garden bed. I haven't checked the buckets yet. 

I'm starting to think about planting for the fall. Will use the leftover beet and spinach seeds from last year. 

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