Jul 2, 2015

25 pounds of Peaches

Last Monday The Peach Truck was in town. Charlie and I met my mom out in Germantown and each got 25 lbs of fresh Georgia peaches.

When half of your family is from southern Georgia you learn a few things about peaches. Such as how amazing they are and how you need them in your life when its hotter than blazes outside. Peaches mean summer to me as much as air conditioning and sun screen do. It's a necessity.

Fortunately Bryan was not home when I brought this box home. When he did get home he said it was more peaches than one person could possibly handle. And I said, challenge accepted!

What does one do with 25 lbs of peaches you might ask?

Peach jam, peach butter, frozen peaches, pickled peaches, along with just eating peaches. Yum

I ended up putting up a fair amount of jam and peach butter. Enough to last us for a year and have some leftover to give as gifts.

The Peach Truck comes again next month. Will I do it again?  I've been wrestling with this question and I'm sort of siding towards yes. But probably splitting it with my mom this time. Since Charlie is starting solid foods I'd really love to process some for him to eat. And make peach ice cream. And maybe some more peach jam.

It's a sickness.

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