Feb 9, 2015

Weekly Links

We are in a serious baby haze over here. Oddly enough I still have time to catch up on social media and blogs during breast feeds and holding a squishy faced baby.  Here's some things that caught my attention.

I'm obsessed with these bags. Seriously. I need one.

I love Frances McDormand. I especially love this video of her on aging. Her hair is fabulous. For a few years now I've had some grey hairs and I refuse to pull or color them.  I earned those grey hairs. Every time I see them I remember all the shit I went through to get them.

Love this look at motherhood and parenting.

As a task oriented person, this post was a much needed word.

Fascinating look on Millennials buying habits and how companies should change to accommodate the changing perspective on goods.

I pinned the heck out of this house.

Food links:
Slow Cooker Pork Ramen - ever since our New York trip I can not get enough ramen. Need to try this once the will to cook returns.
Chili Style Beans on Roasted Sweet Potatoes - it must be the hormones but this looks really good to this normally bean hating person
Corn Chili, Potato Soup - I have a can of chili in adobo sauce. What are the chances I am going to cook before these go bad?
Cheesy Avocado Quesadillas - I want these right now, but with chorizo
Chili Mac and Cheese - I'm obviously craving comfort food

Have a happy weekend! Oh and Valentines too. I hear that's happening this weekend. 

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