Jan 30, 2015

Weekly Links

Happy Friday. No Charlie yet, but that might be changing soon! Here are a few links from this week:

This makes me want to grow more things just to hoard in my basement. Maybe my potatoes will do better this year.

Favorite food, favorite verse, a well written blog post.

A neat way to pick out wine. Although my favorite tip is the last one: regular consumption.

Emily Henderson is not only one of my favorite designers, but also a favorite blogger. Besides her sparkling personality, she does a great job of educating readers on why/how to make good design choices. Her latest masterpiece is on sofas. Yes, I inherited my statement couch, but still... couches are important. Don't mess it up!

Drunken Oreos? Forget the Oreo part, can we just eat boozey pudding?

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