Dec 29, 2014

December Recap Post

It's been a crazy couple of weeks leading up to Christmas and then with the holiday itself and other things happening. I fully intended to have some Christmas posts scheduled for this week at the least, but life throws us curve balls sometimes.

Today I'll post a quick recap leading up to our Christmas festivities.

My uncle Jerry married Sandy just after Thanksgiving and we got this family photo.

We got a tree from Midtown Nursery again this year.

Motley helped with the lights.

Our finished 2014 tree.

Grizz was at the marathon riding a scooter.

Bryan ran the half marathon this year.

Mimi met Santa at the Allen Morgan Christmas lunch.

Charlie's room served as my wrapping station this year. I make a mess when I wrap.

Bryan and Cade at a Baddorf birthday event.

Bryan got some nice bourbon for his birthday (and Christmas too).

Christmas Vacation dinner at Majestic.

My view from bed.

My aunt's hosted a baby shower for baby Charlie.

Motley discovered the crib.

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