Nov 4, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Basketball season is finally here!!!!

Okay, so for those of you know don't know me, I'm not really a sports girl. I hate football, don't care for baseball, hockey, or golf. But I do love some basketball. Part of it is because I'm a Memphian and Memphis is a basketball town. First with our Tigers and now the Grizzlies.

Over the last few years Bryan and I have become increasingly loyal Grizzly fans. Last year we attended somewhere around 12 games and this year we decided to spring for the 11 game ticket pack. It was a big decision, but one I'm glad we made.

Friday was the regular season home opener. On Thursday Tony Allen, TA or Grindfather, gave away 500 tickets for those willing to stand in the rain to get them. One of the beauties of my current situation is that I have that flexibility. So stand in the rain I did.

So Friday we high tailed it to downtown at 6 when Bryan got off work at Breakaway. I was worried that with parking, security, and getting to our nosebleed seats we would miss the opening, which is my favorite part. We were amazed at how quickly and smoothly we were able to get in.

Bryan and I are kind of like George Costanza in that we refuse to pay to park downtown. I'm willing to cave sometimes when there are time constraints or high heels involved, but for the most part, never. Last year we found a great spot to park close to the stadium on the street for free. (No, I'm not telling where our spot is!) But it was already taken when we got down there. We were able to find a free on-street spot a little further away though without too much searching.

The security line to get in only took maybe five minutes. Last year we waited sometimes up to 20 minutes to get in. Maybe we were a little early for the rush that night, I'm not sure. But either way, I was impressed and even told the security guy so.

Our seats were not the best, but they were free! We were just happy to be there. I love the hype and excitement and opening night is always a fun.

The Grizz were down most of the game, but after an exciting last few minutes of the 4th quarter we went into overtime and beat the opposing team. Such a fun night!

My highlights include:
- Saying hi to our favorite beer pour-er, Larry
- Grizz Grannies and Grandpas
- Bongo Cam
- just being in the Grindhouse

Here's to many more fun nights and Grizz wins!

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