Nov 14, 2013

The First Freeze

Tuesday night we had our first freeze of the winter. Winter is officially here. Okay, well not officially, but the summer's over.

Monday it was relatively warm so I spent the morning picking the last of the green tomatoes and pulling up the plants. The garden looks so sad now to me. Empty. We still have plants in four out of seven beds, which is the majority, but still. Without those crazy, out of control tomatoes it just seems empty now.

Here's what it was looking like before I got to work. Roux was there to help.

Out of control.  Also of note, the carrots to the front of this picture are doing well.

Not amused.

This bed contains rosemary and peppers. I never figured out what kind of peppers the plant on the left was.

The current state of my kitchen counter.

Tearing up the summer's garden has me thinking about next year. We've talked about forgetting our professional backyard plan and just planting edible plants. I'm thinking about doing more peas/beans along the back fence line. Maybe I should do the tomatoes there since they got so big this year? I'm not sure. Either way, I'm looking forward to getting my Seed Saver catalog in January and starting to plot out next years garden.

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