Nov 11, 2013

Husk Nashville Review

I'm a little obsessed with the show Mind of a Chef. Have you seen it? Our local PBS doesn't air it so I have to watch clips and episodes online when available.

I've been re-watching the first season with Bryan and we giggle like girls when David Chang and Sean Brock swear to be best friends at Pappy Van Winkle. It's often reenacted at our house.

Last week we were in Nashville and had a large time slot for lunch so I knew where we were going. I had to try Husk. We arrived about 12:30 or so and were taken right away to a table. The exterior looks to be a goregous traditional building, the first few rooms inside seem the same, but as you pass through the middle area it opens up and the whole back side of the building is glass. We were seated downstairs. On one side we had a great view of the gardens and pear trees, but the other was a bright purple wall color and funky Venetian glass chandeliers. It didn't seem to match to me. Our tables were rustic wood and iron, plates of carved wood and hand thrown pottery, and re-used wine bottles as water glasses. I'm not a purple girl so maybe it was just me.

The lunch menu changes daily and is very affordable, which is one reason I didn't mind stopping here for lunch. We ordered the smoked salmon deviled eggs to start.

It came with four but we dove in before I thought to take a picture. They were delicate and tasty.

I ordered the beef special of the day:

Tender flank steak with a chimchurri sauce, roasted cauliflower with cauliflower puree, and I didn't catch what the green stuff was on the left hand side. It was one of the top two steaks I've had in my life. (The other best being at Mimi's in the Marigny.)

Bryan got the vegetable plate:

It featured a 62 minute poached egg over stone ground grits, oats, kale and butternut squash, roasted cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes were interesting because the skin was cripsy, almost fried, but the vegetable was very tender. Bryan is not a cauliflower fan, but did say these were the best cauliflower he's ever had.

Needless to say we cleaned our plates. I stopped short of licking my plate, but I thought about it. We turned down dessert, but I thought about that pumpkin cheese pie for several hours afterwards.

The service was a little slow. Our waitress was very kind and thorough, but slow between visits. About 1:30 or so we were eating our main dishes and I swear they were vacuuming upstairs. I really didn't appreciate that. Bryan mentioned it could have been a blender or something in the partially exposed kitchen, but regardless. Blending or vacuuming while diners are still eating is just rude and not something I'd expect at an establishment like Husk.

Overall, I was not disappointed in the food and was pleased we were able to make the stop. A few polishes to the service side and it can be an excellent restaurant.

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