Aug 25, 2013

Sunday afternoon musings

For the first time in a really really long time we have this Sunday afternoon virtually free. We went to church, had a leisurely lunch at one of my favorites, perused an estate sales (no good buys, but I do want to buy their entire backyard complete with screened in porch with pizza oven, pergola, and beautiful pool) and then came home to loll about. We both changed out of our church clothes and hopped on the bed. Bryan to take a nap and me with my laptop.

I'm considering some big BIG changes and I've been meaning to take some time to do some research on those changes. The only thing I took away today is that scheduling can be a bitch.

So the last few minutes I've been flipping through my blogs. Sometimes when I'm way behind I like to make it into a game. Today's game: get the top three categories (design, home furnishings, and food) where I'm way behind to 200 unread items. The food blog category was the most behind at 284, so I've been flipping through the food blog posts from the last week. Which got me thinking about cooking and food and recipes and what I've been digging lately...which is southern food. I've been thinking and craving Southern food lately. But not my grandmother's southern food.

Over the years I've amassed quite the collection of old Southern community cookbooks. You know the spiral bound kind. I love these and have cooked through many of them. But the Southern cooking I've been loving is more of the new chef driven modernized Southern cooking.

I added this to the collection most recently. And the majority of my more recently followed food bloggers have been Southern bloggers.

We are going to a new cookbook launch dinner at my favorite (See above) in a couple of weeks. I can not wait to flip through it and am sure that it will be a favorite in the collection.

What have you been cooking?

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