Aug 18, 2013

Food Review: Tamp and Tap

A few weekends ago we were going Downtown to feed a cat and decided to try out the new Tamp and Tap.  It features high quality coffee and micro brew beer along with food. What could be better?! We had heard it was opening and had been dying to go. What I wasn't prepared for was how gorgeous the interior had been done. Lots of natural wood with orange accents, which sounds kinda 70s but it was awesome.

Bryan's sandwich with hummus as a side. He had the pickled onions that come on his sandwich put on the side so I could nibble on them.

My sandwich with orzo pasta salad in the foreground. The sandwich was good, the orzo pasta was just okay. Decent side dish, but wouldn't be enough on its own.

If we lived downtown this would definitely be a favorite hangout spot.

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