Aug 9, 2013

Blackberry Smackdown

I have not been so diligent about uploading photos from my camera. I have several posts I'd like to write once I am not so busy and can upload them.

Until then, last weekend I took some time to tame the blackberry bramble.

Before: They had grown all willy-nilly without a bit of taming. It was difficult to find the few blackberries we did have this last season.

After: On the far left was a raspberry bush that had the most lethal thorns ever. So I just pulled those out and am attempting steaking a clipping. If the clipping doesn't work out I'll just purchase another bush. I'm thinking about taking out the bush to the far right. It's useless to me, especially in that location. No one can even see it from the street.

I watched several YouTube videos on how to prune blackberries and I'm excited to see how it pans out for next season. The idea of trimming the primacanes is that they will grow laterally next spring and produce more fruit. I hope this is the case because we got about 1/2 cup of blackberries this summer. But considering it was the first summer, I'm okay with it.

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