Mar 9, 2013

Weekly Links

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. I typically write posts on the weekend and last weekend we went to Little Rock. Tomorrow should be a rainy day which means I will have time to upload photos and write some posts. Until then, here's what had me laughing/inspired this week.

1. I am Elaine Benes. 

2. Arrested Miserables

3. I've also found a ton of cocktail recipes I want to try. Most of these would be perfect for spring.
Pimm's Cup
Easy Sangria
Bourbon Old Fashioned - this one is probably more up Bryan's alley than mine
Rosemary Gin Rickey - what is a Rickey?

It's a beautiful day and we are having guests tonight. I shall alternate between chores and being outside.

Until next time...

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