Mar 17, 2013

Weekly Links

I am writing from Bryan's office/guest room today. Bryan moved the computer in here for his work and that's cool, but I kind of miss having it in the living room. Yes, I am too lazy to carry it in there. At least for the time being.

How to give a reflexology foot massage. Bryan, are you paying attention?

Huh... it appears that is all the links I saved for you this week. I saved a few recipes but I won't bore you with those.

I spent some time on Friday looking at new RSS readers to replace my beloved Google Reader. I landed on The Old Reader and I am currently waiting until my subscriptions will be imported. There are only 40919 people in front of me. Jeez...

I have to go to the grocery store, but when I get back I hope to muster up the energy to move the computer to the front room and start importing some pictures. I hope to have a few picture posts for you this week.

Maybe. No promises in blogging.

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