Mar 18, 2013

Eventful Saturday

This past Saturday was pretty eventful. The carpenter came back by to finish up on the kitchen island. It needs a bit of touchup paint and some styling but it's come a long way.

While he was here I went to the Cooper Young farmers market for some locally raised goods (pork sausage, eggs, and cherry tomatoes if you must know). I ran into some friends from church and had a great conversation with them.

I came back and did some work in the garden. I planted two types of carrots. One type, St. Valery, in one of the garden beds and the other type, Paris Market, in containers. This is my first time with carrots, so I'm a bit nervous. And apparently ambitious as well given how much I've invested into them already.

We made plans to go to Ernestine and Hazel's for lunch with the Baddorfs'. None of us had ever had their World Famous Soul Burger so we decided it was high time to make it happen.

They were tasty, although I still think Alex's has my favorite burger in Memphis.

We ventured upstairs to look around at the former whorehouse.

Some friends had invited us to join them at the Downtown St. Patrick's Day Parade and since we were already down there we decided to join them.

While we were downtown Bryan wanted to take his parents by the Ornamental Metal Museum. They were closed and we were out of time, but we walked around a bit and climbed an Indian Mound.

And then I stole a flower.

We closed out the evening by going to a friend's birthday party and hanging out with some friends from Redeemer.

It was a pretty awesome Saturday. One of the best we've had so far.

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