Feb 2, 2013

The struggle between busy and lazy

Recently I've found myself struggling with a balance of busy and lazy. I tend to think of myself as lazy by nature. I love being lazy. There is nothing more that I love than just lolling about for long expanses of time. But lately I've found myself driven by to-do lists that I haven't found much time for being lazy. And I feel guilty because of that. Does that even make sense?

Okay, so here's a typical weekend. Friday at work I start working on my to-do list for the weekend. Getting it all written down and organized. (I like Google Tasks and so I'll put them in the calendar and print the first page only, because right now if I printed out all my tasks it would be 18 pages. I can't make this up.) I print it out at work and bring it home. I love the look of these fresh, crisp clean page ready to be marked up and crossed off.

If Bryan is out of town or coming back from a trip or even just working til 6 at Breakaway I try to get a few small things done so that we don't have as much to do over the weekend. (Another thing I feel guilty about: ruining Bryan's weekend with to-do lists.) Last night in the hour before Bryan got home from Alabama I cleaned the bathroom, washed towels, unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it again, changed a light bulb,  and started cleaning some blinds.

Saturday morning rolls around and I enjoy some quiet time sipping my coffee while Bryan runs. This is my time to relax and re-charge before starting the list. And here is where the struggle really starts. I want to have a nice, carefree fun weekend, but I can't if there are tasks looming over me that need to get done. Those paint cans aren't going to get in the basement by themselves and that tree is not going to undecorate itself. (Yes, it's still up. Stop judging me.) It's also a struggle between Bryan and I. He likes to be lazy after his run, but that's my peak time to get stuff done. If I can knock out a bunch of stuff before lunch I'm usually pretty happy with myself, but sometimes I work too hard and find that I'm totally spent and a complete bum the rest of the day.

I don't know if there is a real answer to these struggles, but I wanted to put it other there. Anyone else struggle about nature vs. getting-stuff-done?

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