Feb 25, 2013

Stuff I planted recently

3 types of lettuce
2 types of basil

I can't wait for spring!

So a few weeks ago to help soothe the longing to grow I sat down with all my seed packets and mapped out when each needs to be planted and where. This helps keep me organized and under control.

Last Sunday I planted two rows of each type of lettuce in their new bed. We also put a little fence around this bed to keep Roux from running through it. In another few weeks I'll plant a few more rows of each. Got to spread out the joy!

Allyn and I have been reading up on things you can plant from kitchen scraps. Ginger and pineapple intrigued me and I had both on hand. I'm not certain that the ginger piece I planted was as fresh as it probably should have been, but it was worth a shot. If it doesn't work out I'll pick up some fresher ginger in a few weeks.

Pineapple intrigues me. You basically twist off the top part and pull off the bottom leaves like an artichoke.

Low and behold there are roots in there! According to the Youtube videos I watched all you have to do is stick it in dirt and water it every once in a while. Boom! Free (sorta) houseplant. And in a year or two, if it's still alive, it might actually produce another pineapple. Again, it's worth a shot. It didn't cost me anything.

This past Sunday I planted some basil seeds to start indoors. I am trying out a new trick I saw online with this batch. I saved an egg crate and filled each egg hole with dirt. Then I planted 2-3 seeds in each hole. I did  six egg holes (there has to be a better name for these) of each different variety. In a few weeks I'll thin out and when it gets warm I'll plant them in their respective beds. If this doesn't work out I can go back to what I did last year. There's still plenty of time.

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