Jan 28, 2013

The Need to Grow

About this time every year I start getting the itch to grow something. I throw myself into garden prep, research, buying too many seeds or starter plants, etc. I've seen a lot of beautiful succulent gardens on the blogs the last few months and I decided that maybe this would be my temporary fix. I've already purchased my seeds and planned my garden for this coming season. Last weekend I cleaned up some of the beds and tilled the soil. (I still have two more beds to go, but I'm saving those for a spring like day.)
So Saturday my mission was to purchase succulents and make a cute little arrangment (or two or three) using pots that I already have. Because Lord knows I have enough. Just ask my husband. Unfortunately the home improvment store we chose to go to did not have any. I guess it makes sense. They are making room for spring/summer plants. Probably no one else wants an indoor plant right now, except me. Oh well. It was not to be. Maybe next winter, succulent garden. Maybe next year.

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