Jan 11, 2013

New Year Routines

We are well into the first month of the new year. It's resolution breaking time. If we were the type of people to make resolution. (I make birthday year goals, it's totally different!)

But since the start of the new year we have implemented a few changes around here that I'm really really liking. They were not discussed prior to the initial suggestion, but I'm glad we implemented them just the same.

1) Bryan and I have started reading a Bible passage and praying together before work each morning. We started this week reading Romans. We're reading through his new ESV Study Bible that my parents gave him for Christmas. We will read a page and then jot down prayer requests and praises that are on our hearts. If we have time we pray together before I leave for work. This is such a better use of time than watching the Today Show and gripping about our days ahead of us.

2) Eating dinner at the table together. When we first got married and moved into the house we ate at the table more regularly. This last year it has felt like we only ate at the table if we have company, and sometimes not even then. I've enjoyed sitting undistracted and having a nice meal and conversation with my man.

I guess I could update everyone on my Birthday Goals as well.

So far we've hosted 3 events. We are 1/4th of the way through our goal. I've sworn off hosting anything for the month of January so in February we might pick this back up.

I'm also nearly finished with my fourth book of the year, nearly 1/3rd the way complete with this goal. Yikes. Maybe I should have set more ambitious goals for myself. Honestly though, part of the reason I'm able to complete this goal so fast is in my current employment status. I'm not complaining. I love ample reading time.

I've been enjoying champagne and sparkling wine a good bit as well. I decided to work my way up from the bottom shelf at the liquor stores. So far Andre Spumante is my favorite. For New Year's I ventured up to the second shelf and got Cupcake Proseco. Not a favorite. I tend to prefer sweeter wines to dryer ones.

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