Nov 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

It was another double meal Thanksgiving for us this year. We had lunch at my parents house with Gram, Gramp and Sharon. I got off pretty easily and just had to makes pies. I got all ambitious and made two types of whipped cream. With bourbon and without.

We then managed to get ourselves in the car to go to the next meal. Bryan's family had asked that we bring Roux so we went home to get the girl.

We had a nice meal at Bevin and Jamie's house with the Baddorfs, the Nyharts, and uncle Kirk. We surrounded the fire outside after the meal.

Friday we did some shopping, had lunch with my family at Penn's and had Bryan's family over for dinner.

Saturday we painted in the morning. We got some serious progress made. So close to being totally done in the bathroom.

We went with the Baddorfs to Bosco's to get our new mugs. After naps we went to Chris Calkins wedding. They served plates of bacon at the bar!

Sunday we didn't go to church but did bring a few Christmasy things down from the attic. It's beginning to look a little like Christmas.

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