Nov 18, 2012

Saturday in the Park

Definitely not the 4th of July. Oh well.

On Saturday we took Roux to Overton. We had talked about meeting some friends and their dogs there, but they were not available. We took her to Overton Bark first. This is even our first time to the dog park and I was extremely nervous about it. I don't know why, I just was. I'm a protective and worrisome Mommy apparently.

Roux loves open spaces, but she was a bit nervous too when we first walked in. She circled back and cowered under our legs for a split second. Then she realized there were people there too. She had to meet all the people first. Then she started sniffing around the fence line. After about 10-15 minutes she warmed up and started running around with a few of the other dogs before finding the smallest dog there and playing with it.

After some good play time we decided to talk a walk on the trails. We had taken Bosco for a walk on these same trails the day after Thanksgiving. It's a beautiful time on the trails because of all the many different colors of leaves and the way the naked trees let the light shine in.

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