May 29, 2010

The Pantry

One of the things I love about our house is the large pantry. It was so much better than the zero storage we had at our first apartment. However, over the last year and a half that we've been in the house it has gotten a bit disheveled to say the least.

Pictures before:

So with a few days on my hands, I decided to tackle the pantry. It didn't take much time, one extra large garbage bag, and one trip to Target.

I started by taking everything out. Then I wiped and vacuumed the crummies. With everything out I could start with a blank slate and group like things together.

I even had some extra room to store a few small appliances!

I purchased a few media bins at Target and they were the perfect depth for the space. I put small things together in those. The lesser used items were put on a higher shelf.

The real trick will be keeping it this nice.

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