May 12, 2010

Our New Friend

We've actually had several new friends in our household. First, Henry Chapatoula, purple beta fish. Part of the decorations of my dear friend Allison's wedding. He has a lovely home in a blue bowl in the kitchen. Although he might be finding a new home soon.

The other night when the husband and I were headed out a small, motley looking cat came up to us mewing. It was so pathetic, yet so friendly. And much smaller than Tigger, our indoor kitty. He did not go away and I felt so bad for the little friend, I fed it. I know, roll your eyes, tell me how awful that is, whatever. I fed it. Its little and hurting and it needed help. I'd do the same for you and I'd hope you'd do the same for me.

Five days later, the cat is still around. I've called multiple societies and shelters, no one will take the little guy or girl. So I take matters into my own hands and take it to a vet.

I was initially worried about how I was going to catch a stray cat. Its been overly friendly (more friendly than our cat we've had for two years now), but you never know until you try to pick up a cat. I also wasn't sure if the cat was going to be around when I needed to round him/her to take it to the vet. But I came home and there it was laying in an empty pot. It mewed a hello to me as I opened the door to retrieve the cat carrier.

Cat carrier in hand, I picked it up and set it in the carrier. No problems. However, I had to listen to it howl for an hour. I never knew cats could make such noises.

An hour later, we have a girl. She has an absess that will need to be drained and a skin allergy. A couple hundred dollars and a few days, we will welcome home our latest addition, a spayed female kitty named Motley.

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