May 31, 2010


Meet Motley.

Motley has made a full recovery and is out and about among the rest of the members of the family. She was quarantined to the bathroom for a few days at first while she was still healing.

She and Tigger get along well for the most part.

But Bosco is very eager to have a new playmate. She (Bosco) hasn't learned to be gentle yet. We were hoping since Motley has claws she could put her Bosco in her place, but Motley is reluctant to use her claws, which is good and bad depending on the case. Good: no shredded furniture, window treatments, or rugs. Bad: Bosco is still too rough with her.

It will take a few more weeks or months for everything to fall into a nice rhythm, but for now, we're all getting along well.

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