Mar 29, 2009


My husband works at a running store. They are having a sale today... better than the managers discount. Since I'm hanging out in the back and dying of boredom, the husband mentions I should look to see if there is anything I want since there are such deals to be had. Not being one to turn down an opportunity to shop, I did.

Now, I'm not a runner... I hate to sweat. I don't go to the gym, despite the fact that I have a (free) membership. But I've got some great workout/running gear. And today I add to it:
- One long sleeve t-shirt... because I don't have one. I've got a thicker turtle neck, but not just a plain, thin-ish long sleeve shirt. This one also has the longer sleeves and a thumb hole. I love thumb hole. That's reason enough to buy it.
- One men's small short sleeve shirt. Women's shirts don't fit me, the men's are longer, baggier, and I can wear a smaller size which makes me feel good.
- Two large women's running shorts. One of them is green, which is my favorite color. The other is black and grey, nice neutral colors. I need a size large right now, so that I can work out and then fit into my old shorts I already have.

See... I need these things!

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