Sep 22, 2016

The New House Tour: Charlie's Room

I don't think I've shared any photos of the new house yet. How can this be?!  

I've been working, along with Bryan and various family members, to get the house settled. The first room to be "done" is Charlie's room. Really it's just "done for now" as in a year or so we'll have to move to a "big boy bed" and that will spark a bunch of changes. So don't be surprised if you see Charlie's room again before other rooms are done. 

I kept the wall color the same. It's a brown color and while it's not my first choice, I'm fine with it and is in good enough shape that it will last the next year or so. When we make a big boys room we will likely paint. 

The curtains were re-done from his custom curtains in our last home. My mom so sweetly did those for us. 

The dresser was Bryan's grandfather's. 

We hung a chalkboard that was in our kitchen in the last house here for Charlie to color. The white bookshelf was from my room growing up. 

I did not take the time to style the toys. Sorry. I saw a small window in which I could take these photos and ran with it. 

We hung the animals over the changing table this time since someone kept wanting to take them down when they were over his crib. 

It's a fairly large room and I plan on putting two twin beds in here, if I can find some. Attractive twin bed sets are hard to come by. Let me know if you find some in the Memphis area. 

A sweet vignette on this dresser. The ceramic dog was in my grandfather's childhood room and Charlie's grandfather bought him the leather bound books before he was born. Pacifiers are a must. 

Thanks for joining on me on this tour. It rarely looks this tidy. 

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