Sep 20, 2016

A Couple Days in Charleston with a Toddler

"On our way" to the beach this year we stopped for a few days in Charleston, South Carolina over Labor Day weekend. I'd gathered some suggestions from friends and online, but was pretty nervous with our Charlie, who was 19 months at the time. We didn't schedule anything in advance except for a couple of dinner reservations which I had heard was a must. 

Our plan was to leave the house Saturday and drive as far as Charlie would allow, which happened to be Augusta, GA. We had a three hour drive in the morning and arrived in time to put our name in for brunch at Poogan's Porch. (I'd recommend making reservations as we waited over an hour.) 

Charlie was not thrilled about jumping from car seat to stroller. To kill time during our brunch wait we strolled along King Street, which was delightful. For me at least. We'd let Charlie out every once in a while to get that toddler energy out. 

One place we stopped in was the Savannah Bee Company. They offer mead tastings for $7, which Bryan took advantage of.  Charlie was a big fan of their honey he sampled. 

Brunch at Poogan's Porch was great. 

We checked into our hotel which had its own dock. (We stayed at a Courtyard Marriott to use my husband's hotel points.) Charlie loved running down the dock. 

We spent an hour or so at the hotel settling in, cooling off, and regrouping. Hotel lounging time is essential when traveling with kids, I've found. I would have found this a waste of time before having Charlie, but now it's kind of nice to take an hour or so rest. Prop up your feet, unbutton your pants, and cool off. 

Above are my sweet boys ready to go out to dinner. 

The one formal activity we actually did was the Fort Sumter tour. Prepare yourselves for many pictures. 

One really great thing of doing something so touristy is that everyone is a tourist and everyone is eager to take your picture if you take theirs. We got THREE family pictures in this one morning! 

Bryan is the history, specifically Civil War, buff. When I asked him if he wanted to go to Fort Sumter his eyes lit up. I'm normally not into battlefield trips but this one involves a boat ride. Sign me up!  

Because of the boat ride this was perfectly timed. We took a 45 minute boat ride, had an hour on the island, and then it took about 30 minutes to get back. Charlie alternated between stroller and running around. 

If you go, the fort isn't super stroller friendly, but it was nice to have the umbrella stroller so that we could easily manage it. Other families with bigger strollers struggled. 

Following lunch we walked along the water front and some of the parks. Charlie napped for approximately 15 minutes. Sigh... It was beautiful and hot. We hightailed it back to the hotel room. 

Overall we had a great time and loved the city. Charleston has such a nice boat and water culture. And the food was all amazing. 

Where we ate: 
Poogan's Porch
The Ordinary
Hominy Grill 

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