Mar 7, 2016

First Garden Post 2016!

It's that time of year! The time which offers so much promise! Seed starting time! 

On Friday I made some time to get outside and start my tomato and pepper seeds.

I didn't buy any new seeds so far this year. My plans for gardening is a little up in the air right now. 

The big news is that I am getting some garden space out at Shelby Farms in my grandfather's plot! I am so excited, and also a bit nervous. It's currently a decent drive for us to get there, but we aren't sure if we'll be in this house all summer, so it might be closer. And if we do move, we likely won't have garden space at home this year. 

Despite things being up in the air, I started enough seeds to plant in our current garden and in the Farms. I'm looking forward to an exciting year in the garden!

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