Nov 9, 2015

Monday Garden Update

I wonder how many more of these I will write this year. One? Two? 

On Saturday Bryan and I worked in the backyard for about an hour or so. Bryan blew leaves to our compost heap. The yard looks so much better. 

While he was busy with that I worked on the garden. I trimmed back the dead foliage from the asparagus bed. Then I took to the tomatoes. I'm pretty much at my limit of patience with them so I pulled up all the cherry tomato plants. A couple weeks ago I trimmed back all the tomato plants so that the green tomatoes would ripen. With the warm weather we've had since there was a ton of new growth and I had to trim them all again. 

We are now past our average first frost date so I'm keeping an eye on the weather. Once we have that frost date it's all over. If I'm being honest, I'm kinda ready. 

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