Nov 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Since Charlie is still pretty young he didn't get Halloween this year. He was not amused by his costume. (Although the Halloween hater in me kinda hopes that he inherited it from me.) On the 30th we went to Zoo Boo, which I'll do as a separate post. For Halloween night we went out to Cordova to my parents house to have dinner with the family and give treats out to their trick or treaters.

Bryan did not fit into Charlie's costume. 

We had lots of floor play time.  Charlie got to "ride the dog," a plastic play thing that Mom bought for him. He's so close to really being able to play with and enjoy this. Once he's better at standing I think this will be a real hit. 

Of course we had to put him in his costume. Just to ooh and ahh at his adorableness. 

Charlie makes one adorable pumpkin. 

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