Apr 6, 2013

Weekly Links

I don't have much this week as I have cut down on my subscriptions and it seems to have been a slow week in general.  Here's what I do have:

This article is worth the read on the internet and community. It's something I've been struggling with learning to balance for weeks now. I think the writer hits the nail on the head when she suggests instead of liking or comparing someone's perfect snapshot, take some time to communicate with someone and connect with them.

A dog catching chicken nuggets. I can't handle the faces.

This video:

Had me in tears. The artist sat at MOMA and allowed museum goers to sit across from her. An old lover sat across from her which was unplanned. The tension and energy kill me.

Hope you have a great weekend. We are going to visit one of the farmers markets (because now we have more than one open!) and do some yard work.

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