Nov 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparation

The Baddass and I are hosting Thanksgiving for his family this year. While half of the family will be out of town, that doesn't mean I'm planning on cutting back on the traditional feast.

My biggest worry is THE TURKEY. Thanksgiving turkey requires the big letters. It just does... don't fight me on it.

I've been researching the best methods of cooking it.

How to Cook Everything and Martha recommend removing bones and splatcooking, oh wait, the technical term is "spatchcocked." But its more like splat cooking because its a flattened bird. Splat.

Rouxbe and all traditional notions recommend the more traditional way. I'm leaning more towards the traditional method. It is my first Thanksgiving and I want it to be perfect. Even if it does mean splatcooking another turkey some other time.

Now, off to buy my turkey cooking tools.

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