Feb 2, 2016

Charlie is 1!

This weekend Charlie hit a big milestone. He turned 1!

How did this happen? How did my sweet little baby turn into a toddler? I still don't understand.

Such a big boy!

On Saturday we threw a party! Milk and donuts!

Charlie got to eat a donut. To be fair, he's had pieces of some before now, but I gave him some big chunks and he seemed to enjoy it. He did think it was odd that everyone was watching him so intently though.

There was also a decorate your own (paper) donut station.

I hung up his monthly pictures. It was so fun to see how he progressed physically.

Bryan found these old hockey sticks and gave them to Charlie. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet.

So here we are... with a one year old. We love you, Charlie. Bryan and I both have said, independently of each other, that he is truly a delight.

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Brett Baddorf said...

We are all glad you brought this little delight into our lives! Charlie is a sweet little man.