Oct 8, 2011

From the Draft Folder: Christmas Eve 2008

Recently I found some old posts in my draft folder from several years ago. I thought they were humorous so I'm posting them. Enjoy 2008 Rachel rants.

I had planned today to go down towards my parents house and visit with some family, maybe do a little baking. Those plans got thrawted when we did not receive the last crucial check for our down payment yesterday. So I spent the morning laying about waiting for the guy to get the check. Went to the grocery store which was crazy. Waited at the husbands work for man with check. Deposited check. Talked with each of my family members to reassure them that I would not be coming down there today. Realized that dirty clothes were about to take over the closet, proceeded to do three loads. Made second rum cake of the week. Burned finger in the process. (I am having to pick at the keyboard in order to type, which makes this extremely difficult and slow!) Decided to make my infamous chex mix. Our retarded grocery store did not have two of the neccasary types of Chex, but had something somewhat similar. The Chex box does not have the oven recipe, burned half a mix in the microwave. Was amazed that it is even possible to burn chex mix. Cleaned up cat throw up. Ran to the sink about a thousand times to run burned finger under cool water. I am now collapsed on the couch waiting for the husband to come home to take care of me, the mess in the kitchen, and the rest of the laundry. Oh yeah, must shower, do nails, get dressed, go to church, eat dinner with extended family, open presents and socialize.

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