Oct 18, 2009


Fall is definately here. Bryan turned on the heat the other day. I had forgotten how much I love our radiant heat. Toasty.

Several of our neighbors have decorated for Halloween/Fall, and Bryan was itching to join them. I was too, honestly, but in a classy way. Ooops, I hope my neighbors don't read this blog and become offended.

I'm not really into Halloween, but fall, I love.

For the outside I have a couple of slightly dying mums from when we hosted an engagement party a few weeks ago. I added two pumpkins, one white and one orange.

At a holiday shopping event a few weeks ago I purchased a few iron pieces that turn a pumpkin or gourd into an adorable turkey. I had Bryan stab the innocent little pumpkin to turn it into the most adorable thing I'd seen all week.

Adorable, right?

Inside, I decided to decorate the dinning room mantle. I had purchased one small white pumpkin on our Ohio trip and Mom had given me one of the Tiger Pumpkins. I bought several different ones at the farmers market on Saturday and got the gourd from the pumpkin stand we got the outside pumpkins.

Finally, its virtually impossible for me to go to the downtown farmer's market without getting a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Happy fall, ya'll!

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