Dec 1, 2013

A few pics from the phone

We had a fun Thanksgiving break and I plan on having a full recap up later this week. In the meantime I thought a picture post might be in order.

We got to visit with Sarah for dinner one night when she was in town for boards!

I've been doing some sewing.

This is happiness to me. Books and snuggles.

Just one of three pans of bacon I cooked for the holidays.

Curtain rings!

Yesterday we put up our fall decor and got out the Christmas stuff.

It's almost as good as Christmas when this catalog arrives!

I scream every time they do this at the Grizz games.

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Brett Baddorf said...

I so wish we could have been there to share the Thanksgiving holidays with y'all. But maybe next year! It was great seeing you all on Facetime though. So makes this whole ordeal easier. Great pictures!