Dec 10, 2013

Weekend Update

We were supposed to have Icepocolypse... but it didn't happen. We did get sleet, ice, and a few snow flurries, but nothing too severe. I officially lost the bet. Oh well...

Friday afternoon we ventured out for a short walk around the block between precipitation.

We stayed inside much of the time.

We worked on the tree some.

Saturday afternoon we ventured out to Germantown to meet Mabel!

She was a bit sleepy.

The Growler opened in CY and we stopped by for a pint and a growler. Glad to have more beer options in town.

Sunday we went to church and to the 25th Lesson and Carols. We are officially ready for the holiday season!

Also, I found this note in my library book.

I'm glad we were spared from the ice storm. It was nice to take it easy and just be.

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