Dec 16, 2013

Fayetteville, AR

At the end of last week I hopped in the car with Bryan and we rode to Fayetteville, AR to see a few accounts. This trip I did not visit the accounts.

Bryan had asked me to pick a hotel and I found this gorgeous place for not a bad price online!

We arrived in town just late/early enough to check in. Bryan dropped me off and I snuggled up into the fluffy bed and watched an embarrassing amount of House Hunters International. When he finished with his appointment he came back and we enjoyed complimentary cocktails at the restaurant bar on campus.

View from the restaurant. 

Since I had never been to Fayetteville before Bryan drove me around. The town square was emblazoned with thousands of lights. We ended up getting a pint and some snacks at Tanglewood, a cool bar/coffeehouse/restaurant.

The next morning Bryan went for a run and had an appointment which left me more time to enjoy at our Inn.

The Inn had a great breakfast and a cozy fire in the lobby by which I enjoyed several hours of book reading.

Fayetteville, you aren't half bad!

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