Dec 12, 2013

30 before 30

I meant to post a few days ago new goals for the new (birthday) year. I didn't because - well honestly I hadn't made them yet. The only thing I had so far was to take a picture with Grizz and the idea that I wanted to spend more time with music in the next year. But then I remembered that next year I'm turning 30 and I've seen others do 30 before 30 and thought this was my chance. So here's goes...

Bake a cake... with frosting and everything.
Make a photo book of my college years.
Finish landscaping the backyard, making it more edible.
Stop buying meat and fish from regular grocery stores. Farmers market only... Whole Foods if you must.
Get a garden gnome.

See at least 5 live music acts.
Party at Raiford's!
Run a 5k
Go on a boat ride... any kind of boat... okay so casino boats do not count as they do not actually go anywhere.
Go fishing.
Give oysters another chance.
Try mussels.
Buy all gifts for the next year at locally owned stores.
Crossstich a sassy saying .... make it into a pillow or framed piece.
Commission custom abstract work for the bathroom... that space to the right of the sink.
Have a family picture taken with Bryan, me, Roux and Motley
Finish reading camera manual and feel confident shooting in manual mode.
Listen to new music each week
Learn a new hair do
Get a new passport

Take a tour in New Orleans ... architectural, cemetery or Ghost
Visit Allyn in New York

Take a picture with Grizz or a big name Grizzly.
Visit Sun Studios
Visit Stax
Eat donuts at an unusual hour at Gibson's

Eating Out
Second Line
City Grocery and/or Snackbar in Oxford
Peche in New Orleans
Sit at a chef's table... I'm not too picky where... just at a restaurant that knows what a chef's tasting is.

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