Nov 21, 2013

Memphis Means Music?

Memphis has a rich musical heritage. It's not to be denied. Blues, jazz, rock and roll, country, it all got its start right here. Okay, that's somewhat debatable but the point is, Memphis is the root of many forms of American music. Sadly, I don't feel like it's fully embraced by most Memphians.

Bryan and I have a theory behind this.

After visiting New Orleans multiple times you can't not be affected by music. At pretty much any point in the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, after dinner, late into the night. But in Memphis if you want to hear live music you pretty much either have to go to Beale or stay up past your bedtime. That's just one reason we are so thankful for the Levitt Shell. They provide live music at a reasonable time - and for free!  So now I sound like an old person. But still - music should be played at all times of the day not just after 10 pm. 

Yesterday it was announced that Lafayette's Music Room will be re-opening on the Square next year. I'm so excited to have another music venue in the neighborhood, but I hope they will consider an earlier start time for their musical acts.

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