Dec 26, 2013

Christmas Cards 2013

This year we went with the It's a Wonderful Life theme. It was Bryan's idea. Roux was NOT amused with the angel wings. She was not having it! Below are a few outtakes. 

While it's super fun to have fun card themes each year, it makes it tricky finding a card. This year I wouldn't find one premade so I went to Vistaprint and created our card. They seemed to have some issues and despite ordering on the 11th, paying for shipping to arrive by the 19th, they did not arrive until about 3 pm on the 24th. We've been refunded but I was a big disappointed that we weren't able to mail out the cards so our friends and family could have them before Christmas. Oh well... it's not the end of the world. 

Today we are recovering from Christmas... Bryan from some virus. He came home last night totally wiped out and running a fever. So today we're laying around on the couch. I hope to upload our many photos later this afternoon or evening. 1000s of photos to come soon I'm sure. 

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