Dec 9, 2013

Turning 29

Last week I turned 29. I was a little stressed out about being 29 leading up to it, but as always, it feels no different. I'm working on my goals for next year and will have a post for you on that soon. But for now, here's a little recap of my birthday! Caution: picture overload ahead.

Bryan and I had breakfast at Barksdale. I was feeling a little home-cooking vibe this year. Afterwards we went to Midtown Nursery and picked out a Christmas tree.

We got it home and watered and decided to go for a trail walk in the park. Walking the trails in Overton has become one of my favorite escapes.

These two are my loves.

Mom came over after our walk and we opened presents. Then the three of us went downtown and met dad for lunch at the Little Tea Shop. Afterwards we went to the Metal Museum gift shop.

That evening we were meeting the Baddorf clan at Hog and Hominy to celebrate Bryan and Chad's birthday as well as my own. Bryan and I got there early and I ordered  champagne cocktail... naturally.

Di brought fake mustaches.

The girls insisted on constantly touching their mustaches like grandpa does.

It was a fun day. Weird to be nearly 30.

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