Dec 18, 2013

Tree of Hope

I believe this is the third year the Baddorf Clan has adopted a family through the Tree of Hope. We all pool some money and buy for a family in need.

Since I've got a pretty flexible schedule (what schedule?!) it was my duty to shop and wrap for the family.

After a pretty epic Target shopping experience I think I crossed everything off the list!

The four year old little girl requested anything Hello Kitty, play kitchen, and a bike with training wheels. I had fun picking out the toy food and accessories. She is also getting a fleece outfit, a Hello Kitty shirt, pjs and underwear.

The little boy requested hot wheels, a remote control car, and a football. I also got him an outfit and jacket, pjs and underwear.

We didn't have any information on the mom this year, but I got her some pjs, slippers, a candle, and some bath stuff. Everyone needs a little something.

While this time of year gets super busy and stressful, it's fun to take some time to think about someone else and what they may need and enjoy.

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