Sep 3, 2014

Oh Boy!

We are having a baby boy!

Yesterday we went to our ultrasound and got to see our little boy. I was excited going into it to find out the gender and to get a visual of the baby, but I was unprepared for how amazing it was. I think I even told Bryan while we sipped our coffee before the appointment that I was afraid I'd be disappointed. Ha! 

We saw hands, legs, spine, heart, bladder, kidneys, and a side profile and yes, the money shot. At one point we saw the bottom of his right foot. That image is forever burned on my brain. 

Last night we had the family over for a little gender reveal party involving cupcakes. Nearly everyone choose blue for boy. So funny how almost everyone thought we were having a boy. When we found out it was a boy I was honestly mad that everyone had been right. But we're happy nonetheless. 

Today we are adjusting to the idea of life with a boy and tossing around baby names. Mostly though we're just saying "Oh Boy!" in our Jackson Melville voices. 

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