Sep 29, 2014

Yard Sale and other Weekend Haps

This weekend Bryan and I checked off one of those things that every couple has to do once. We had a yard sale.

It was a long time coming. It started when we first found out we were expecting and realizing that we were going to have to turn our house upside down. Even before we met with the designer and started implementing our new plans I started cleaning out closets and cabinets. As things started accumulating I toyed with the idea of a yard sale. It seemed like we had so much stuff and we were spending money on updating things, so maybe it would be nice to get some money for our things.

I wasn't totally sold on the idea and neither was Bryan. We kept piling up things and putting off making a decision. It wasn't until last Tuesday that we decided to go for it.

This is what I've been living with for the last few months. Well, it hasn't been this bad the whole time, but it's been a couple months since I've sat at my dining room table.

I tried to keep this sale as simple and low key as possible. I could have done a better job keeping things organized pre-sale, but we just piled things up as we went through different areas of the house. I found some poster board in our recycle paper pile and I used those as signs.  We also didn't price anything until the morning of.

Saturday morning Bryan's brother and parents helped us drag everything out to the yard. With two big desks there was no way I could have helped Bryan get those and everything else to the curb.

It took about an hour to get everything outside and semi-sorted. I had three pricing tables: $1, $5, and $10. Other items were priced individually.

We didn't make a ton of money, but we were happy to get a little bit back and more importantly clean out the house of any unnecessary items.

Afterwards I might have danced all around my dining room table. Just because I could.

The sale wasn't the only thing we did this past weekend.

We saw the Memphis Dawls at the Levitt Shell Friday night with Brett and Sarah. (Look for a new music review when their new album comes out later this fall.)

Saturday afternoon I laid around while Bryan went for a run. Charlie and Roux snuggled. They are already great pals.

Sunday night we went back to the Shell to see St. Paul and the Broken Bones, who were fantastic. If you get the chance to see them live, do it.

Tell me: Have you had a yard sale? Will you do it again?

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