Sep 30, 2014

Garden Update

It's that time again. Time for a garden update. Honestly, not much has been happening back here. We get some cherry tomatoes and an occasional full size tomato. Lately it's been a bit slow back here.

A couple of carrots and beets have sprouted. Although I'm a bit disappointed so far at their sprouting. Carrots can take several weeks and I'm guesing beets do too. So far I've spotted two beet sprouts and a handful carrots. Hmmm... Should I be soaking these seeds?

No spinach sprouts either. I will soak the seeds before I plant some more later this week. I'm slowly harvesting my spring carrots. I'll pull a few for dinner tonight this afternoon.

Basil is still out of control. I'm a bit over it. Don't be surprised if there is no basil in the next full garden update post. We have been getting fewer and fewer peppers. When are peppers done? This is the first year they've done so well for me.

The back bed continues to thrive. Except that apple mint to the front left. It's starting to look a little dead.

I noticed some young green beans the other day. Guess we'll get another round of beans!

There are still some green tomatoes on the plants in this bed. Last year I harvested tomatoes up until our first frost. I'm looking forward to getting a few more fresh tomatoes before this season ends.

I'm still planting spinach, beet, and carrot seeds every other week for the fall. Pretty soon I'll start cleaning up a few more beds for the winter.

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