Sep 8, 2014

Garden Update

I'm overdue on a garden update. Here's what's been happening on our little urban farm.

When we got back from the beach our cucumbers were looking mighty sad. My theory is that the house-sitter didn't pick any cucumbers and they started rotting on the vine and that rotted the whole thing. Who knows. Either way, they are now gone.

I've been harvested lots of cherry tomatoes and peppers and a few full size tomatoes as well. Motley likes to use the cherry tomatoes as toys.

I started planting some fall vegetables last week. In the long bed to the left I've got two types of beets and carrots. I'm planting a row of each every other week to help spread out the harvest. To make sure I actually stick to this plan I've created tasks on my calendar. Otherwise I'll totally forget.

It's looking a little empty without those cucumber vines.

In the middle bed are my carrots from the spring.  Bryan harvested a handful the other night for our dinner. I lost steam in the spring and forgot to finish out this bed with carrots. Oh well... I planted a row of spinach here last week. Will add another row in a couple of weeks for winter harvest.

The cherry tomatoes and jet star tomatos are out of control over there.

Here's the other side of the garden. Basil and peppers are thriving.  We moved the remaining potato buckets over here so they'd be watered while we were out of town.

We've also been getting a couple of jalepenos! Finally!

In another day or so I'll have some cherokee purple tomatoes to harvest. I need to look at my lima beans. They are not growing up the fence, but I've seen a few beans on there that need to be harvested. If I remember correctly from last year, they got bushy and then started producing and then started growing up vertically.

There are a couple of roma tomatoes that are starting to turn as well. I think the green beans are done.

More out of control tomato vines.

Now that the weather is cooling off a bit I'm enjoying being out in the garden again. Being rewarded with tomatoes helps.

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