Sep 22, 2014

Herbal Bouquet

Our herbs have been booming this year. It's been a blessing, but I also feel bad as I don't use them as often as they need to be clipped. Occasionally this summer I've clipped some back and tossed it directly into the compost pile. I feel so wasteful doing this, but at least it will be turned into some good dirt.

The other day I was going to a friend's house and decided I'd take over a little herbal bouquet as a happy. Who doesn't love fresh herbs?

It ended up turning out to be a really pretty arrangment. I had basil in the back, rosemary, sage, oregano, and mint in the front and sides. The oregano added a trailing component that made it extra lovely. Bonus: It's all edible and can be snipped as needed. I put the arrangement in a free drink cup from one of our local restaurants (doesn't everyone have a collection of these cups?) so the friend wouldn't have to worry about returning the vessel.

Have you ever put together a herbal bouquet? I think I'll put together another one today, just for me!

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