Sep 9, 2014

A weekend in Savannah

Savannah, GA has been a city on our to-visit list for a while now. While we do get to travel much of the South, but we don't get over to the eastern side very often.  We decided to spend a couple of days in Savannah to close out our summer vacation.

After our week at the beach, we drove up to Savannah Friday afternoon. It is only a two hour drive from Amelia, so it wasn't a long drive, but simultaneously shortened our drive home by two hours. Win/win.

We checked into our hotel, East Bay Inn, and settled in for a little while before heading out to dinner. I hadn't really done much planning or preparation for this trip. I made a little list of a few restaurants that sounded good and a few places to check out, but that's pretty much the extent.

I wanted to check out the Olde Pink House for dinner. I called to see if they had any spots open for dinner the same day, but we weren't interested in dining at 10 pm. They did say they had several places where they seat first come, first serve and also serve the full menu at the bar.  Bryan and I often opt to eat at the   bar in crowded or overbooked restaurants. It's just the two of us and we can avoid the wait. (However, this will soon change.) When we arrived they seated us immediately in a bar area at a table. We must have arrived at a good time because later I watched as people waited for 30 minutes or so for a table in the same area. We shared several small dishes and had a lovely meal.

Saturday morning Bryan went out for a run while I lolled about in the big, cozy bed. That's one thing I love about traveling, lolling about in comfortable beds whilst watching HGTV. We got our act together and walked down the street to B. Matthew's Eatery.  Great breakfast! Seriously, don't miss this if you go.

Our plan for the day was pretty simple: walk the historic district. We intended to check out a few things on our walk: City Market, ShopSCAD, and Chippawa Square.

We did a lot of walking, occasionally popping in a cute shop, but more often stopping in a square and resting. My favorite thing about Savannah was the squares. Every couple of blocks we'd come across another one. And they are perfect for pregnant ladies.


By late afternoon we had returned back to Bay Street and started towards River Street. Bryan and I were both captivated by these old bridges and many storied buildings.

The stairs and cobblestones in this area are not for the faint of heart or weak ankled. Wear sturdy shoes.

Sunday morning we checked out of our hotel and drove out to Tybee Island for breakfast at the Breakfast Club. It was nice to end our vacation with another glimpse of the beach before heading back east.

Savannah is a great, old Southern town. Tons of gorgeous architecture and charm around every corner. We saw a bunch of bachelorettes walking around, but it's also a great weekend get away for a couple.

Where we ate:
- Olde Pink House
- B. Matthew's Eatery
- Gryphon Tea Room
- Leopold's

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