Mar 10, 2014

Seasonal Clean Out

Remember back in October when we moved all our fall/winter clothes into the closet and hung them the wrong way?

Well it's time to start going through what is still hung the wrong way. Last week I pulled out everything that was still hung backwards. I immediately tossed everything I knew I was never going to wear again into a bag to give away.

About half of the items though I felt bad about giving away. So I pulled them to the side for a week or so. I consider this my probation period. If I still haven't worn them in two weeks then it's really time to say goodbye.

Take the time to really inspect the items you are holding on to. Are they in good condition? Are they still flattering? Even if you have worn items throughout the season it might still be time to say goodbye. Be ruthless.

In a few more weeks I'll pull out my spring/summer clothes and start the process over again. In the meantime it feels good to have a thinner, more efficient closet space.

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